Building an effective leadership program for church growth in the north america region of charismatic evangelistic ministry

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The Africa continent was the recipient of great missionaries from the western world that came to Africa to share the Word of God with the African people. Today Africa is the continent with the fastest growing churches in the world. Comparatively, the churches in the western world are seeing a decline in Christianity. Today America sees a lot of churches closing down; 59 % of churches in America are attended by fewer than one hundred (100) people. A lot of missionaries have been sent from Africa to help raise Christianity. How do we help would be the question? In this project, I will be looking at creating a leadership tool that can help raise many more leaders in the form of pastors and lay ministers who would take up the responsibility of building church campuses across the country that would allow the church to be brought close to the doorstep of the people. This would mean that people could easily find churches closer to them to fellowship than before. I would use my church, Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry, as the model to start the project by training and developing ordinary congregants into responsible leaders who would take up the responsibility of sharing and promoting the Gospel of Christ to this dying world. Churches that share in this vision could also pay attention to this leadership empowering tool and model that would allow more leaders to be trained and developed for the enlargement of the kingdom.  
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